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Sketch Accuracy


New member
What is the purpose of the sketch accuracy as defined at the sketch preferences.

What are its units or is it a persentage?
It's a parameter used to control computational accuracy. The smaller this number is the more precise the calculation.

The smaller this value the fewer assumptions sketcher will make.

You can dial this down in preference to zooming-in & out to get a sketch to regen..
For instance, say you have a 3 degree line and sketcher snaps this to zero.

Try progressively changing sketcher accuracy to .8 or .6 or .4 (dial down) until sketcher behaves as you want it to.
Part accuracy is also computational accuracy and is used in the regeneration of features.

This is probably the most commonly known accuracy and comes in two flavors - relative and absolute.

Relative accuracy is the ratio of the smallest edge in your model to the length of the model bounding box diagonal . This is Pro/E default with a default value of .0012

Absolute accuracy is essentially the length of the smallest edge in your model and has length units.

Aren't you glad you asked the question ??