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Size of a plate to appear in automatic BOM


New member
I have a bracket which is a weldment, I want the size of each welded plate to appear in the automatic BOM, I am finding it difficult to include it in the BOM. (Eg-1750x800x12).
First of all, I hope you are planning to put size in as part description NOT as model name.

LENGTH = ITOS(d15) [where 'd15' is the dimension for length]

WIDTH = ITOS(d16) [where 'd16' is the dimension for width]HEIGHT = ITOS(d17) [where 'd17' is the dimension for height]

description=BRACKET, + LENGTH + x + WIDTH + x +HEIGHT

Of couse you will need to have 'description' in your BOM.

Good luck



New member
If you want the part size to be measured according to specific csys axes and xyz sizes put to part's parameters, you have to write a toolkit application. This is very expensive.

But there is a company somewhere, which produces a shell for easy writing on top of Pro/E ( Take a look at what they offer.



New member
p-AdvancedBOM can compute this automatically for you during extraction of the BOM. It will export directly to MS-Excel, ASCII/CSV, Databases and XML.

You can also specify BASIC MASSPROPS and the set material name as well as Dx, Dy, Dz model size measurements - amongst other specialized functions.

If you are working with sheet metal models, you can also extract the material thickness, inner and outer profile lengths, and some other interesting information.

p-AdvancedBOM is located at:

Hope this helps.



Active member

Your solution to this problem is very attractive but I could not manage it. Can anyone help me by elaboratiing this solution.



New member
I needed today a relation similar to this one posted here by Charleskim.

I need to show Width x length x height in BOM

Charleskim your relation is OK. Need itos to convert dimensions to string but there is something missing:

length= ITOS(d15)

width= ITOS(d16)

height= ITOS(d17)


then add &asm.mbr.size in BOM

Need " to make them work.


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