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sin waved surface


Hy guys

I want to create a sin waved surface or curve like feature as I created in proe. Can anybody help me how to put formula in catia??
In GSD create a law using Fog button(under design table)
insert FormalReal.1 and FormalReal.2 as Real
Type your formula
FormalReal.1 = 5*sin(5*PI*1rad*FormalReal.2)+ 10

After..using paralel curve
Select reference curve (a line)
select support
click on law button. In the new form check the Advanced and after click on Law in the tree
Thanx for your help. I will try it then tell you. There are only a few peoples are active in catia forum. But in Pro/E forum, there are a lot of.
To create Parallel curves

The power of this command is to create curves (2d, not in sketch) defined by laws (press law button) like:
-S type
-Advanced - This will allow u to use a law (defined with Fog Button-click on Design Tabele black arrow and u will find it) defined by user.

To obtain complex curves u can combine different curves (e.g. tooth profiles)

PS: I can't upload any rar, zip or picture file -->> I got this error

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'

Permission denied

/catia/forum/functions/functions_upload.asp, line 80 <<--
Hi Gvi

Its done dear, thanx a lot for help. Plz check this and guide me how I can do this?? This is the equations:



I cant upload a pic here. Its a circle (x n y equetion create a circle of 50R) and it make sin waves in z axis. (by z equetion)
You don't need the x and y equations
Only z is necessary
Create a circle(full) with desired radius (on a plane at desired height)
create a line(circle diameter)
create a law `Relations\FormalReal.1` = sin(6*PI*1rad*`Relations\FormalReal.2`)*5
Create parallel curve with law
Combine the circle with the parallel curve
U can also use a half cylinder as support for the parallel curve

go here to get the part (R18) p;threadID=4245

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