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simultaneous equation in relation

I am facing some problem in using relation. I want to control the length and width of a ractangular cut. I have two parameters AREA and PERIMETER. I want to get value of length always greater that or equal to width. But Pro/E does not follow the rule or simply it fail that relation. Can Anyone help me please.


Narendra Pratap Singh
sketch a rectangle.

select all 4 lines. Use edit>select>all geom

select edit>convert to>perimeter

pick either the length or width to be dependant on the perimeter. This will allow you to control the shape using the perimeter value and one dimension.

2x + 2y = P

xy = A

if you know P and A, then x and y are determined. Simply solve for x and y, assign the larger to the length. ie.

if x>y then d#=x



end if


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