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simulate the move of gear and spring

jarry gong

New member
dear all:

can you help me to learn how to simulate the move of gear and spring in pro\e. when i assembly a spring and other parts toghter,i want to simulate the moving status of the machine.but i don't know how to do it?

for simulating a gear just use pin connections, assign a motor to these connections, calculate manual the speed of the motors, and use the drag option to manual adjust the position right from one gear to another. Proe 2001 does't have a gear simulation option and you have to do this all manually (download my differential gear file to have a look)

Proe Wildfire (as PTC says) looked at this problem and proe Wildfire know can simulate gear mechanism

About the springs, you must have Mechanism Design Option (visit to simulate spring movement in Mechanism of Proe

hope this helps

dear xcad:

thanks for the help.because i don't have the mechanic module now,so i can't learn about it.

but i know some aspect of how to do it by your help.if i have some chance to use this mechanic module,i will ask for advice from you.

by the way,can you give me some advice about free form

tweak/free form.
you can to downloads a gear part for web site to learn about it.

The keypoint is how to create a involute curve.
but this curve don't have the addendum correction as parametre. Does exist a gear drawing by proE which use this parametre?


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