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Simply Supported Shaft


New member
Hi all,

I'm using WF1 Mechanica to model a shaft suspended between two bearings with forces acting on it (in one direction) between them. How would I best set this up? I've tried modeling it as a simply supported member, but I get errors saying that its not constrained enough. When the beam flexes, it should be able to move in slightly at the bearings so I can't lock it in that direction. I've also tried modeling the bearings in with it, but it just acts like its all one solid piece. What am I missing, thanks in advance for the help.


New member
I tried doing this, but when it came time to do the rigid connections, I couldnt' select the surfaces? Not sure why...

On another note, how would you model a beam that has infinite (or close) stiffness and (close to) no mass?


New member
Depends on the relative size of the model and loadings.

I've defined a material that has 1000x the E of steel, (density 1000x less if you need that)than steel. Most cases I can figure a relativly large beam size, for a 0.25" fastener lets say, if I model at 0.25" round solid beamwith my "extra stiff" steel, it is essencially infinatly stiff relative to the rest of the model.