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Simplify Representation in Drawing


New member

Can Anybody Help me. I have got large assembly. I want to make a drawing from the one of a Simp Rep at the beginning of creating drawing. I mean I want to choose the Simp Rep beforemy model will be put into drawing . The reason isthatputtinga large assembly modelinto memory and than into drawing takes a long time. Of course I know how to choose later the Simp Rep in grawing, but that is not what I need. I would be grateful if somebody can help me.



You could try the config.pro option:

open_simplified_rep_by_default yes

- this will prompt you to pick a simp rep when you create the drawing.


New member
Hi gentlemen

To add to this topic. Is there a way to realise the same in part mode. I mean when I start a new drawing of a simple part having a simple rep define in the model I did not find the way to show it up in the drawing nor to select it a the creation of the new drawing.

Thank you in advance.