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Simplified Reps in Parts


New member
I have a complex part that I need to show as a simplified rep in a drawing. I have the simplified rep created and saved in the *.prt file and the drawing created. When I go to set the rep in the drawing the option is grey and not active.

I then tried to re-create the drawing in the hopes that when I placed the initial view I would have the chance to set the sim rep but I do not get prompted.

I have done this in *.asm but never in a *.prt file. Do I need a specific config setting or is this function just not allowed?

Perhaps there is just a different way of doing it at the part level?

Any help would be super. Thanks.



New member
Make a part and a simplified rep.

Make an assembly and import your part, but in simplified rep when you've been asked which part. Make a simplified rep in your assembly and save your job.

Make a drawing of your assembly. In the properties menu, in drawing model, activate your simplified rep. That's all.


New member

I have tried that in the past. Create a part simplified rep, and place the rep in an assembly so I could create a drawing using the assembly. I could not show dimensions of the part in the drawing. Why, I don't know?


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