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Simplified Rep Documentation ?


New member
Reading About Creating Simplified Representations the following line confuses me:

If you want to assemble a simplified representation of a part or subassembly into an assembly, the top-level assembly also must be a simplfied representation. It cannot be the Master Representation.

What I read is: If you are in the Master Rep, you cannot assemble a Simplified Rep of a part or assembly. Doesn't every component assembled while in a Simplfied Rep show up in the Master Rep? Can someone clear this up for me?

Why can't we just build an assembly comprised of Simplifed Rep's?
I tried the theory and it holds true. You cannot start the Master Rep with a Simplified Rep and you can only assemble a Simplified Rep to a Simplified Rep. The Simplified Rep assembled in the Simplfied Rep will show up in the Master Rep as the full assembly, not a representation. Attached is my attempt to figure this out.
The exception to this case is the external Simplified Rep in which you can take a simplified rep of an assembly and create another assembly that is represented solely by this rep.

If I remember correctly, you select the rep in an assembly and there is an option for Make External. (or something like that). The master rep of the resulting target model is the simplified rep of the source model.

Wildfire only...

still some issues with this functionality:

-Brian Adkins


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