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simple method of modeling PIPE THREADS ?


New member
It seems like it should be just a simple as creating a standard tapped hole, but yet there is no easy way that I know of.

Any ideas or suggestions for modeling a standard tapered pipe thread efficiently?


New member
It would be nice if Pro had a thread feature like Unigraphics

In UG you can model all kinds of symbolic threads like Unified, NPT, Buttress, ACME and so on and you can enter your onw variables for not supplied threads.


New member
Audf is the solution. The standard threaded holes are really udfs. I do not know why PTC does not supply them for pipe threads.


New member

You need to doa helical sweep. To make the threads accurate you need to do your length of your trajactoryas needed. This needs to be drawn at 1' 47". The youset the pitch at the pitch of one thread. When it goes back into the sketcher make the profile either to look good or usea thread data table to get the correct thread shape.This a pain if you don't do it much, but is how I had to make my threads for pro man but I also had to put a datum curve on it as well.