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Shown Drawing Notes


New member
Here is something that bothers me.... Is there a better way to do this?

I create a threaded hole in my model using the Standard Hole option. Then I mirror it to the other side of my part. When I Show the note in my drawing I want that note to say 2X (2 times). The note has an entry for # of holes it shown as -(1)HOLE So that seems simple enough to just go to the model and change the note to -(2)HOLE, it works but then anytime you re-gen it goes back to the original test. Any ideas??
I don't think u should do this as the modifications will go to the part. But just incase u need to do it, follow the procedure below:

In the drawing mode Edit >>Value and select the note. In the editor browser window that appears delete the words &PATTERN_NO and write the desired value (2X)


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