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Showing pipes (feature created in assembly ) in assembly.


You can't create features that add material in an assembly (i.e. protrusions and such)... Therefore a pipe feature will:

1) show up as a centerline and a solid feature in part mode

2) show up as just a centerline in assembly mode.

-Brian Adkins


New member
Well, I get it that's impossible to have a pipe in Assembly.

How do I represent a pipe/wire in Assembly mode ?

I am using offset points (off a coordinate system )created in part mode.

I am working in 2001.

Creating a solid feature in Assembly mode was possible in earlier versions of PRO/E.

Where is this feature now?


Couple of options:

1) Create the feature as a surface. You would use a Swept Blend or Variable Section Sweep to do this. Create a curve through the points and then the surface feature along the curve.

Reference the chart in this thread

2) Add a part to your assembly and then use a copy-geom feature to copy the points into the part. Then use a normal pipe feature (You'll have an external reference to the assembly). I see that your original points were created in a part, so this is probably not what you're looking for.

-Brian Adkins

(I actually don't remember ever being able to add solid material in assy mode, but I've never used anything before rev14)


New member

This is likely a separate part anyway - so create it as such.

Create an empty part, then add a couple of points to it, and the pipe feature if you need.

Then Assemble the Pipe Model, and then redefine the points that the pipe-feature is referencing to route through your Assembly.

Then you are basically done.

BTW - (and this is a Plug)

Check out the following turtorial on how to do this kind of stuff with the p-Shell API (Scriptable Pro/TOOLKIT). The tutorial has a nice tip on how to automate the reporting of Pipe Features on a Drawing Table also. -- Lots of Screen Shots - and the source code used to do it!

The following link is in the Tutorials Section of the web site.

Hope this helps...