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showing parts


New member
Hi, Once again one more question. when assembling, sometimes i need to place small components. The problem is that during the addition of constraints the part moves and disappears into another part, so i cant find it anymore. (or when placing large parts, all small parts dissappear into the new large part) Now i can do only two things: stop the assembly of this part and start overor accept the position of the part so later on i can replace the part with a work around.

Is there someone who found a way to preventparts to disappear into other parts?

i'm using pro-e 2001



New member
There is no way of stoping Pro/E from disappearing parts into other parts, but you can use component windows when placing constraints. Simply click icon "Show component in a separate window" on the upper left corner of the Component Placement dialog box and the component to assemble will show up in separate window. This way you can easily select component constraints because you can separately zoom/pan/spin component and assembly.

Sometimes this window hides behind assembly window. If you have that option turned on, turn it off and then again on. Component window will show up again.


I frequently turn off (hide in WF2) the display of all parts except the ones I need to reference. Or set the display state of the big part(s) to wireframe while the small part is shaded. You can also toggle to the move menu and drag or spin the part you are assembling out of the other parts. One final aid, turn display to wireframe so you can still see you small parts inside the big parts.


New member
The problem with the wireframe is when you are working with large assemblies (here you should use Simplified Representation for better managing displayed assembly) and you are zooming/spinning/panning the view. Why? Graphical card/CPU takes forever to recalculate every line of the wireframe display of assembly and when spinning/whatever every few degrees of the spin PC will have to recalculate the display.

I'm not saying this is bad solution, but when working with large assemblies it isn't the best one. It is better to use SimpReps or assemblying components with separate window turned on.


New member
Layers are sometimes a blessing with larger assemblies. Putting your components on layers allows you to turn off the ones you don't need and work only with the ones you need to assemble components. Many times I will blank all components and turn on only the ones I need.

Ialways turn off the component I am assembling in the assembly (icon second to left on top) and turn on the show component in a seperate window (upper leftmost icon).


New member
If it disappears, you can hold down the CONTROL and ALT key and the right mouse button then move your mouse around. This will move the component on the screen. Sometimes it helps to see it better with the datum display turned on. Other then that, opening it in a seperate window is a good option.