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Show param. part number or model_name instead of number


New member
Greeting, This is what I want to do. Using Pro/report, a exploded view, First Proe places a number in a balloon when I auto balloon. I want proe to put the &model_name. The reason is this, I have to manual create BOM (no pro/report) and have to manual put in part numbers (or in my case model_name)s.

My tech support said that I have to create a symbol but I don't know what to place in the symbol to make the custom balloon find or get the model_name. Does anyone have a solution.

Thanks in Advances. Texaspete.
I take that you know how to create an Alt Symbol.

When you redefine the symbol, put '&model_name' in place of '\index\'
I am sorry to say that I do not know how to create an alt symbol. The message I get is this Symbols for BOM balloons must have variable texts. I don't know what to must in the symbol. Should I type /model_name/ or /&model_name/ ?

Thanks for your first reply. Can you help. Texaspete.
I think 'Alt Symbol' requires to have '\qty\'.

What I did was, created a symbol that looks like a bom balloon with quantity.

Then on top half of balloon, I put the note&model_name and on bottom \qty\

Make sure there is no backslash on top just &model_name and with backslash on bottom \qty\


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