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Show / Erase options


New member
In the Show / Erase dialog box there are these options "Erased" and "never shown" .

Why they put these options in is beyond me. In my opinion they serve no
purpose what so ever. They only make me retry 5 times before I can
(re)show certain dimensions or center lines.

But maybe I'm just plain stupid...

Kind regards



New member
Nobody ranting and raving with you? Well thought I'd just say I agree with you. Simple rant and rave.


New member
Really guys?

But if i choose SHOW and Erase by feature and my part is inteligent made and after that i just clean dimension and the drawingwas made with some simple clicks?

Everithyng including the tolerances



My complaint about Show/Erase is that it can control axis and GTOL datum display but not points or datum curves. You have to jump through hoops with layers to control the display of those in different views. Plus axis DO NOT display by default but GTOL datums DO display by default. So if I have an assembly drawing and someone adds a GTOL datum to one of the parts it shows up unbidden the next time someone plots the assembly drawing. The part may not even be visible in the assembly but here comes this GTOL datum showing up in the middle of a view! I know Pro/E has behaved this way since the birth of Pro/DETAIL but it's about time they fixed this.