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Shell thikness parameter..


New member
Hi, <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

if I have a number of parts in an assembly which are all shelled, how would I go about referencing the shell thickness of each part to the first part created? as in if I change the shell thickness of the first part, the rest update..

Now I'm a bit of a newb so I havent got much experience with parameters or relations so please give a bit of detail in your explainiation.

Thank for the help,



New member
Xcad, thanks but remember I have really no experience with dealing with relations... as in I've never used them..

so I'm using wf 2.0. I've created part 1 and it's a box. I select the shell tool and give it a thickness of say 10.

now, I have created part 2, which say is another box.

now here is where I don't know what to do.. do I select the shell tool select the geometry and then somehow use Tools/relations to enter a thickness (if so how?)or is there something I need to to set up before I shell the second part?

Thanks for your help and patients



New member
As you say, having all your parts created and put into an assembly. Each part being of a different size with all of them being shelled.

Now, create a parameter and call it shell_thickness and enter a value, say 1mm. Now select each part and right mouse and edit, once part is selected right mouse and select shell feature and pick edit. When the dimension for the shell thickness shows on the screen, select switch dim. from the menu (info, switch dimension) to view the dimension symbol name, ex, d14:2 continue to do this for each part. Once you know all the symbol names for each part go to the tools relation and enter equation for each part ex,



Enter all the shell values for each part as above, by doing this you are creating a relation for each part shell value that is equal to a single shell input value (parameter, shell_thickness) that is drive bychanging the oneparameter value.

Hope this helps.