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sheetmetal to solid conversion?

Nope, I don't use sheetmetal for this reason, preferring to create thin protrusions (or constant thickness solids) - you can go from solid to sheetmetal in this manner but not the other way.

Being in design I usually don't have a need for flat patterns, notches etc but being considerate of other functions, this approach is the most flexible...

I would be very interested to learn for what reason someone wants to convert a sheetmetal part to solid.

I understand the reason for conversion from part to sheetmetal

Someone might want to convert a sheetmetal part to a solid part if it was originally going to be metal and then was changed to a plastic part.
Yes you can. Create an assembly, add another part (which can probably be empty, aside from a coordinate system), then add your sheet metal part. Merge the two, using the other part as the active part. The other part will then be a solid with the features of the sheet metal. I have done this, but with features in the other part. CREO then merges the two. I use this to create complex channels that are on the inside of a cylinder.


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