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Sheet metal bend table for Alluminium?

I would get the bend table from whoever will be building the parts. From what I have seen the table depends heavily on the vendor and can vary between each machine even though they are done by the same company.

This may be a bit late, but...

You can checkout

It varies with the type and temper of aluminum and what standards you are designing to. Your best bet is to get the table from the fabricator who will be building the parts. They should have one based upon their equipment and material to be used. It does vary with fabricators and equipment.

Some vendors will create their own flat pattern from your Pro/E models using their bend tables so you don't have to bother with flat pattern drawings.


I use often the module of sheetmetal, and according to bend tables I assume that the default bend tables, gives acceptable results.

Did you try to use the TABLE2 of Pro/SHEETMATET for bending values ?

Below I want to remind you the bend tables of pro/e :

Pro/SHEETMETAL provides the following three bend tables for your use:

Table Name Material Y-Factor K-Factor

TABLE1 Soft Brass and Copper 0.55 0.35

TABLE2 Hard Brass and CopperSoft Steel Aluminum 0.64 0.41

TABLE3 Hard CopperBronzeCold Rolled SteelSpring Steel 0.71 0.45




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