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Sharing of multi-machine


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Small businesses generally do not have to install such WINDOWS 2003 Server operating system computer as a print server, and the use of dual print sharing between computers equipped with WINDOWS XP, which is a peer-to-peer network print sharing between problems similar to the file sharing problems. Below we call computers in shared printing services for the print server, require network sharing computer called the "workstation".

Double machine printer sharing problems
1. Workstations can not browse the Network Neighborhood to host shared print services.
2. Workstations can not browse My Network Places
3. The workstation can not search shared printer
4. The original can share printing, today suddenly can not print all the workstations, if you add the printer can not find the printer on the host. Access the host requires a password, click the printer has been installed, the display does not have access.

Print sharing problems resolve Win XP
During lookup of shared problems, we first want to workstation PING print server, to determine if the network link is no problem. Print sharing and file sharing, the first is a dual function in peer-to-peer network sharing communication, which requires basic network components required to communicate properly installed, and then solve the problem of the printer.

Step one: View View View View on dual dual machine double machine double machine on the TCP / IP protocol enabled protocol NetBIOS dual function shared communication need to be bundled in the TCP / IP protocol, the NETBIOS protocol parsing computer name, so we want to view the NetBIOS over TCP / IP has been enabled.
1. Click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Network Connections."
2. Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
3. Click "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), first check, the IP is set to belong to the same network segment, and then click Properties.
4. Click on the "Advanced" - "WINS".
5. "NetBIOS setting, click" Enable TCP / IP on the NetBIOS, and then click OK twice.
6. Click "Close".

Step two: double machine has been installed the Microsoft network file and print sharing "and make sure it is not blocked by Windows Firewall in the General tab in the" Local Area Connection Properties window to see if you have installed Microsoft network file and print sharing, if not press as follows.
1. Click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Network connection".
2. Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
3. Click the General tab, and then click "Install".
4. Click "Services", and then click Add.
5. In the Network Service list, click "Microsoft network file and print sharing, and then click" OK "
6. Click "Close". See "File and Printer Sharing" feature is then blocked by Windows Firewall
As follows:
1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click the "Windows Firewall".
2. In the General tab, make sure that the "Do not allow exceptions check box is not selected (that is, not to tick).
3. Click on the "Exceptions" tab.
4. On the Exceptions tab, make sure "File and Printer Sharing" checkbox (tick), then click "OK"

Step Three: View on the computer browser service "dual status is" enabled "

View double machine on the computer browser service "whether the state is" enabled "state of the Computer Browser Service" blank indicates that the service is not enabled, need to start to close the "Computer Browser Service method as follows:
1. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, and then click Manage.
2. Click on the "services and applications" - "service.
3. In the right side, right-click the "Computer Browser", and then click Start.
4. Close the Computer Management window.

Step Four: Guest account status on the print server, view the local security policy to view the local security policy "Empty password users can only console landing" is enabled.

Under normal circumstances, the network print sharing is also used as the file sharing Guest (Guest) account to access must ensure GUEST account enabled, password never expires, to ensure that the local security policy does not reject the GUEST user. Local Security Policy "Empty password users can only console login is disabled. XP system in the case of default, Guest account is disabled, so the other machine in the LAN can not access the shared resources of the machine, it is necessary to enable the Guest account.

View Guest account is enabled as follows:

1. Right-click on the desktop "My Computer", click "manage" to open the "Computer Management" window.
2. Expand Computer Management (Local) - System Tools - Local Users and Groups - Users find the Guest account. If the Guest account has been disabled, its icon will have a red crossed-out numbers.
3. Right-click the Guest account, click Properties to open the Guest Properties window. In the Guest Properties dialog box, remove the check mark from "The user can not change the password", "Password never expires" and "account has been disabled, and then click OK, you can enable the Guest account. To note here, just remove the checkmark account has been disabled ", although it can open the GUEST account, but the check did not remove" Password never expires "after sharing some time, the system password the expired will use GUEST account suddenly can not use. This is was reflected in India such as New Year's a good use of shared postganglionic back on the strange phenomenon that can not be printed, in fact this is just coincidence time password expiration. Some people think that the GUEST account without a password? How will the password overdue? Fact, GUEST account password, and the password is "empty password.

Step 5: Check the print server is installed third-party firewall software, as well as whether it shields the NetBIOS ports.

If the print server is installed network firewall software, if set up properly, the same result can not be shared print services print services. We want to make sure that the network firewall software open NetBIOS ports.

Step Six: killing virus
Virus trouble to affect network printer sharing printing operation is very rare. It is reported that there is a network called Backdoor.Spyboter.ay.enc virus capable of sharing resources stopped. The types of the virus are often installed in the Windows system root directory and automatically generate an executable file "wuam.exe", "Winntsystem32" directory the file is actually a Trojan file, it is executed automatically in the background all shared resources to stop all out, and other workstation users of this nature will not be able to access the print server's shared resources, not to mention to access the network printer. The Trojan files "wuam.exe" will start automatically with the system to perform

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