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shadow surface


New member
i guess shadow surface is a very good and quick option for parting surfaces.

but cant figure out sometimes why it fails.

anybody got a good explanation how to use this option effectively.

any tutorial pages on this

thanx in advance
To Add a Shadow Surface

1. For a mold assembly, choose MOLD > PARTING SURF > Create and enter a name for the surface. Then choose Add > Shadow > Done. The Shadow Surface dialog box opens.

For a cast assembly, choose CAST > Cast Feature > Cast Assem > Surface > Shadow > Done. The Shadow Surface dialog box opens.

2. Specify the shadow parts. You can select either single or multiple reference model(s). If there is only one reference model present, the system selects it by default.

3. If there are multiple reference models present, the FEATURE REFS menu appears. Select the reference models you want to use. If many reference parts are selected, you must select a ShutOff plane.

4. Click Done and Return.

5. Specify the workpiece or die block component. You must choose one component on which the system creates the shadow feature. If there is only one workpiece or die block in the assembly, the system selects that component by default.

6. Define the direction for the light source. Click one of the following commands from the GEN SEL DIR menu:

- Plane


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