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Setting Pro/E 2001 background color. And saving.


New member
Hi robertd....

Just go View>display settings>system colours> and tick the boxes and stuff....

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The file menu on the system colours dialogue box can be used to save your favourite settings to the hard drive. After this you can point your to this file so that when you start proe it will automatically set up your preferred colour setting.

If you have trouble setting this up just reply to this post and I'll set up a detailed description of what to do with you file

Have fun.



New member
if you will stil have problems with read syscol.scl file form path, then move/compy that file in your starting dir., will work.


New member
Thanks everyone. I go to View>display settings>system colours> And didge on background. Change it to BLACK. And It does'nt save. So I complete the above mentioned and. Exit Pro/E. And it did not take. Tried the config option also. And it did not take. So my guess is that the administrater may control this.


New member
OK robertd. here is how I do it on my setup.

step 1 create the syscol.scl (see my first reply) and put it in a dirctory you would normaly start proe from. (usually the same directory as your

go to your file and add the following lines -

system_background_color 0 0 0

system_colors_file z:\usr\ilink_workspace\syscol.scl

(NB: z:\usr\ilink_workspace\syscol.scl points to my particular startup directory, this line should be changed to reflect your particular working envinment)

save the and restart proe.

If this fails to work go back and check your path statements.

lots of luck: