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setting colors & appearances to parts


New member
In 2000i2, I had no trouble setting colors & appearances to individual parts, or to components within assemblies. Nor was there a problem setting colors to individual surfaces on parts.

With 2001, however, I haven't figured out how to set colors to parts (and surfaces) because the Colors & Appearances option under the View menu doesn't engage.

The only time I'm able to set colors is after I've created and saved an assembly. Even then, I can only set colors to assembly components, and not to individual surfaces.

It makes distinguishing components difficult when they are all colored white by default.

Can anyone help?
I'm having a little more success setting colors to parts. The Colors & Appearances menu engages now. However, there are still some funny things occurring.

The first occurs when I open ProE first thing to retrieve a part or assembly. The datum colors resort back to their initial state (i.e. black planes, black text, black axes, etc), even though I've set them to default and saved a copy to my system_colors file. So I'm constantly having to reset this each time I open ProE.

My second problem is when I create assemblies. Let's say I'm putting together a red bolt and a blue hex nut. The blue hex nut has a hole in its middle which I've previously assigned a white shaded color. When I assemble the nut to the bolt, I notice the nut is all blue (its hole feature color is gone).


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