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set drawing size for automatic printing


New member
When I go to print a drawing, I have to go through the process of configuring the model size, page size, etc. I know I can then save that configuration for future use in the directory from which I'm working at the time. If I decide to change the page size, I have to reconfigure the print set up.

Is there a way to set up ProE so that it would recognize a specific configuration automatically, based on the page size?

For example, suppose I configure the print set up for an A sized drawing in directory X, then later I move to directory Y and go to print a different drawing in A size. Rather than go through the process all over again, can't ProE see that I'm trying to print A size and automatically pull the configuration for an A sized drawing? The same for B or C sizes?
Excellent advice, worked great. Just one more question.

So far I have saved only the configuration for an A sized drawing (its name by default is ms_print_mgr.pcf).

If I follow the same procedure for B or C sized, will ProE prompt me to name the additional .pcf files differently than the initial file, or do I need to be careful here and choose intelligent file names (i.e. ms_print_mgr_B and

What I have done is named them 'a-plot', 'b-plot' & etc.

You can rename the '.pcf' file outside of ProE (using Explorer).

Or even copy it and modify (using text editor).
Thanks again for the help. The print files work great.

Does this technique work with the system colors file (syscol.scl)? I've tried to set up to automatically use the ProE default color scheme each time I open ProE, but what I get is the black on black scheme. It appears I can save the default scheme, but it doesn't come back up when I close ProE and open it later.
Thank you.

This worked great. A little tricky with file management, but the results are positive.


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