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sequence of nc sequences ......


New member
hi allll...

i want to know if it is possible to have a sequence of nc sequences ....

i have more than one nc sequence defined on a work piece ... i want the nc sequence that i have defined .. to be executed sequentially one after the other ( all by itself )...

(just like in design animation where the servo motors are arranged in order ....)

thnx for ya reply in advance


Just do as you normaly do when you make an cl file , but instead of choosing just one nc-sequense - just choose the operation that includes all of your sequenses. But as adicar01 wrote, make sure that you dont have any sequenses that you dont want to include in your cl file. If you got any files that you still want to keep for any reason , but you dont want them in your cl file , just supress them during the maikng of cl file .

Good luck.
Another thing you can do is this. When you want to output cl-file you can create a set and you pick the nc-sequences you want. This is an alternative to surpressing nc-sequences.

Also you can change your output order of nc sequences

Machining-Output Order-Define by Pick and then you can choose either Tool or by FeatList.

This will carry over to your output of cl-file and your set.

This will also create a Build Operation Feature in your modeltree. So you can delete it or modify it later.

This will be created for every Operation. You can also create a set to include multible operations
yes, I can:

- choose CL-DATA -> output -> Sel one -> Operation ->

ex. OP010 -> file -> select you option.

In this case will be post in same program all the NC seq. which are in that operation.


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