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Semi-Transparency Toggle in Model Tree


New member
I have been using Pro/E for awhile now. I think a Semi-transparency toggle in the model tree of a assembly might be handy.

FYI- I do know that the parts can be set to Transparent by changing the and all that.

I think there should be the capability to temporarily set parts to semi-Transparent in a assembly model tree (similar to 'Hide/Unhide), But then that brings the next question... If Pro/E had that ability, should the amount of Transparency be controlled, 25%, 50%, or just 50% on or off.. Of course, I am just rambling on. But This is something on my Wish List.

FYI - I currently use Pro/E 2001. I am not sure on the build, but I believe it is build Pro/E 2001 (2002-220 )


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