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New member
Good morning all,

I think I might be spending some time here on MCAD in your Inventor world for awhile. I have been using Pro/E for the better part of 15 years and Solidworks on and off throughout those years. I have just taken a job where all they use here is Inventor version 2009.
I have been able to somewhat get everything done I need to some extent. I do have a question if I may. Is there a way to section a part in the model then save that as a view? For design purposes as well as bring that view in later to the drawing? I am sure you can section in the drawing but I want to be able to do this in the model as well. Lastly, how do I turn on my coordinate system and datum planes so they appear upon new part start up? We in our Pro/E world had a config file where we could taylor make the software to our personal preference. One more lastly sorry, is there a way to put the orbit rotate tool on my mouse or right click?

Thanks all.

Sid, I'm glad to see someone else here. I was on the verge of dropping my membership.

As far as your questions:
Sectioning - model sectioning is model sectioning (and temporary) and drawing sectioning is drawing sectioning, and for the time being at least, are totally separated.

Coordinate system/datum planes - go to your part, select the tools button and look through Application Options. Some of those settings are in there. Anything like that that isn't settable in Applications Options can be set up with an alternative ipt template. Just bring up the default template, make the adjustments and save the template back to the templates folder. I have one user, out of 6, who likes to see the planes so I set up a template just for him.

Orbit - I don't know how to reset mouse functions and, personally, I wouldn't bother. We all use 3Dconnexion Space Navigators. Possibly the best hardware investment for the CAD world.

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I feel your pain as I too have recently switched from ProE to Inventor. In some ways Inventor is much nicer, in others, ProE is. To your questions...

1. select 'inspection tab' then 'section icon' then select sectioning plane. this can be toggled off and on but not aware to save it as a 'view' in part modeling. Can be done in assembly mode. Same for brininging into a drawing... dont think view of part can be brought into drawing, but sectioned 'view representation' of assembly can be brought into drawing.

2. To bring up the CSYS and Planes you have to modify the standard template to have them visible. Depending on your IT setup this may be done on your local computer.

3. Not aware of config files to tailor the interface to your preferences. There is supposed to be a way to set up 'mapkeys' but not sure how or where.

4. Not aware how to get orbit rotate tool onto the mouse... shortcut is to hold 'shift' and middle mouse button to orbit/rotate.

Good Luck,

Cincinnati Dan
Hi all,

My question might seem a bit strange but like you guys I'm also switching from ProE to Inventor.
How can I just place a point in some place of a surface and constraint it without having to create a bunch of auxiliary work features?


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