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New member
What is the file extension of an SDRC file?

Is SDRC a Solid 3d cadd package?

Can it be directly imported into PRO? Or does it require a IGES or STEP, and which is better?


SDRC / IDEAS is a 3D Solid modelling program.

The file extensions may be:

- drawing: DWG or ASC

- part: PRT

- assembly: ASM

- model file: MF1

We usually use DXF or IGES to import into Pro/E.


New member
Use STEP if you can, it maintains the model to a solid.

IGES would be next to maintain the surfaces, then convert it to a solid model.


New member
I am going to be importing a large assembly from SDRC to PRO. What is the best way to do this; STEP or IGS and other than paying someone to do the translation is there a way to have any history. Also, can I import the assembly and have them come in correctly. B.T.W., I am a complete novice on PRO and have many years expereince in SDRC and SolidWorks.


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