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script for making TIF but...


New member
I enjoyed script placed on it's very useful for me but I wanted to modify it in the way to be able to obtain the Gray Scale Packbits TIF with resolution of e.g. 6000x4500 (so rather big). Unfortunatelly I didn't know exactly how to do this if it's possible of course (maybe isnot...). I also couldn't RECORD anything as a macro in this case doing the same thing manually (I think that some commands simply cannot be recorded -why not????, it's strange for me). So, some commands can be recorded but some not as I can see:(
It would be great if someone could give me a piece of advice. I am a bigginer in scripting. Of course I know some links to Catia Help that tell about scripting but in this case I couldn't find anything usefull.


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