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Screen display


New member
Hello Gurus

I'm having a problem with the quality of the image on my screen.I was hoping to do some screen captures in shaded mode and also photorender.

I'm modelling an alloy wheel with an outside diamter of some 16", but have some small fillet radii down to 0.040".The wheel shades and renders okay apart from some huge facets on the outside rim, and these also cause glitches in photorender.

I have no geometry errors.

I have the same problem in 2001 and Wildfire.

Any suggestions please?

Kind regards



New member
Go to View, Display Settings, Model Display and click the Shade tab. Set the Quality to 10 and check the Small Surfaces box, then Apply.


New member
Also - put this in your config.pro

edge_display_quality very_high

and this can help also -(maybe)

shade_both_side_srf yes


New member
Cheers Mildfire

I must have been 'drunk' from the modelling - never thought about that one.

Many thanks for your help

Screen dumps are dreamy!