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Scaling factors


Does anyone know of a method of adding a scaling factor to a part's family table? My problem is that I use a scaled merged part to 'cut away' the cavities when producing mold tooling. So although I have my scaled part, I never actually see the scaled dimensions, i.e. if I created a drawing of my merge, I would never be able to show the scaled dimensions. So what I woul like to do, rather then scaling my merged part would be to create a famiy table instance member and apply a scaling factor to it. Whichever way I do it, I need to keep associativity. Anyone any ideas?

Thanks, PJW

If you have ProMold you can take a part in part mode and apply a shrink factor either by scaling or by dimension. Since the shrinkage is a feature you can use it in a family table and create a drawing part and a manufacturing part within the same model. We used to do this a lot but since we are outsourcing tooling it is not as common. If you have any other questions about molds feel free to give me a shout at [email protected]

Shrinkage is definitely the way to go..

Make sure the shrinkage feature is always your last feature.
Shrinkage is definitely the way to go..

Make sure the shrinkage feature is always your last feature.

Contrary to popular belief you don't need ProMold to use this, shrinkage is a regular Pro/E feature...
shrinkage is a regular Pro/E feature

I see the feature in setup but if you try to use it........

You will get a message telling you that you need Pro/mold.
I know that, you need pro/mould module.

but if you want to cheat it is some ways:

- make a new units system and put your scale. (easy but dangerous)

- modify -> scale model (but you have only one general scaling, like above)

- re-design part using references by datum curves after that use Datum -> Offset curves (it's working but I don't recomand this)

- make one UDF library with your part shape, but when you import: Group -> UDF Library -> UDF driven/or/ Independent -> User Scale ... (but you will have same problem, only general scale factor)

- convinced your boss to buy the module: Pro/E mould.

hope to have something here ... if not, write to me:

[email protected]


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