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Scale drawing


New member
When I place an object into drawing the scale keeps defaulting to 0.333.

I would like to be able to change to 1.0, how can I do this



New member
Why when I bring in a view to drafting at a scale of say 0.3, does the drafting continue to draw over the view at a scale of 1:1?

Sandy McKay

New member
If your veiw was created with the Scaled View option you can change that scale by editing the value in the scale note at the bottom of the view.

If your view was created w/o the Scaled View option it will default to the drawings default scale, that is the scale that the software thinks is appropriate to display the view.

You can still change the default view scale by choosing Edit, Value, and picking on the scale value that is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

I hope this answers your question, I know I had to look to find this change on this version of the interface.


New member
I have the problem when there is more than one view using more than one scale. Any extra work I add over the view seems to keep to the scale on the drawing sheet, i.e. changed as you said with the Edit, Value route.


New member
By extra work over the view, do you mean draft entities like lines, arcs, and circles? You should try to avoid using those for additional detailing. Is it possible to achieve what you're trying to document with a cosmetic sketch feature? Because those will be scaled correctly in the part / assembly model and you can control their display in individual views via the Show / Erase dialog box.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
Go to Views-Modify View-View Type - Select View and choose Scale instead of 'No Scale'. By doing this you change the scale for individual views, if the views are not projected (dependent).

Rajesh S