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Scale Dimension on Sketcher


New member
Previously using proe 2000i under sketcher I was able to pick a dimension to scale it along with other weak dimensions proportionally to get it to a workable size. How do you accomplish this in the sketcher using proe 2000i2. and also where could I find a good layout describing the icons on proe 2000i2.


New member

1) Highlight all the dimensions you want to scale down usually all of them.

2) Hit the modify icon and check the Lock Scale box on the lower left of the dialog window.

3) Click on the dimension value to use for scale and it will be selected in the modify dims window, type the value you want and hit enter.

If this causes problems with number of digits after scaling, then click the regenerate box twice and the significant digits will be set to default.

Hope this helps



New member

That is a good option when you want to scale everything.

The option I described is a better one to use for certain changes because you can scale selected dimensions instead of all of them. This is a great improvement from the pre i^2 scale functionality.



New member
Ok, more digging up old posts.

So, is there a way to get this type of functionality (mentioned in the first post) on Wildfire 2.0?



New member

I don't know about wf2, but in wf1 you do as Michael saysexcept you right click and select modify. Then follow the rest of his instructions.



New member
Thanks. It does appear to be pretty much the same. Up until now I had been just double clicking to change dimensions, and not opening the modify dialog box.

My problem is that I changed jobs and went from using 2000i to using WF 2.0, so I am learning to do all the things I already know how to do.

Thanks again

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