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saving plot files


New member
We save our plot files here. I have a mapkey to generate plot files. My question is: Instead of browsing through the folders to save the .plt file to a directory, I would rather just specify the path c:\plots\drawing name.plt However I don't know the code for drawing name when I edit the mapkey so it will pick up the drawing name. I hope this makes sense but in other words if when I create the mapkey and enter the full path c:\plots\drawing.plt when prompted obviously any drawing I open and generate a plot would have the same name.plt. Long winded but it's hard to put it in words.

In your plotter.pcf file you will have to put the following line:

allow_file_naming no

yes=Enter the name of the plot file

no=System uses the name of the object as the default name for the plot file
You don't have to specify the drawing name. All your mapkey has to do is browse to the appropriate directory and then hit OK button. The drawing name is automatically filled in by Pro-E.

If you run through the steps of creating the file, you will see the drawing name is filled in.
Thanks both,

tham, this is the way we used to do it. Problem is I don't want to browse any more because it just records the number of up folder changes and because we have a variyng folder structure, the files don't always reach the destination plots directory. That's why I just want to specify the path.



you're right as well and I have set this to no but the variable that I missed in the .pcf file is plot_file_dir c:\...

Thanks to both for your help