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I had a recent system crash which forced me to reinstall ProE 2001 after repairing my hard drive.

I'm having difficulty setting up ProE so it remembers my configuration files for things like system colors & window settings (sys.scl,,, etc.).

Can anyone help
Place these files (syscol.scl,,, etc.) in your startup dir and Pro will read them at startup.

Here is text directly from ProE 2001 help about config files:

How Pro/ENGINEER Reads Configuration Files at Startup

Pro/ENGINEER reads configuration files automatically from several areas. If a particular option is present in more than one configuration file, Pro/ENGINEER applies the most current setting.

At startup, Pro/ENGINEER first reads in a protected system configuration file called config.sup. It then searches for and reads in configuration files ( and from the following directories in the following order:

1. loadpoint/text (loadpoint is the Pro/ENGINEER installation directory) - Your system administrator may have put configuration files in this location to support company standards for windows configuration settings, formats and libraries. Any user starting Pro/ENGINEER from this loadpoint uses the values in this file.

2. Login directory - This is the home directory for your login ID. Placing your configuration files here lets you start Pro/ENGINEER from any directory without having a copy of the files in each directory.

3. Startup directory - This is your current or working directory when you start Pro/ENGINEER.

Notes: The local and files (in your startup directory) are the last to be read; therefore, they override any conflicting configuration file option entries. The file does not, however, override any config.sup entries.

You can create and store custom configuration files in your current working directory. These custom configuration files usually apply to specific projects.
Above is all correct, however, I have had problems with Pro/E reading config files in the login dir on WinNT machines. I think this has to do with user environment variable settings.

Also, do not put mapkeys in the config.sup file. Config.sup entries can not be overridden so you can only have 1 mapkey defined if you put any in there.

I put the vast majority of entries in the loadpoint/text/ file because that gets loaded for every user every time. I only allow personal customization in the login dir and project specific customization in the working directories.

You can also make config files with other names and have mapkeys load them. For instance, I have a config.plot file which turns off all datum planes, axis, points and coordinate systems prior to plotting.