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saving and exiting


New member
We use 2001 in our office and some of the guys don't like how pro e doesn't prompt you if youwould liketo save before exiting. Is there a setting in a file that can get this to come up while exiting, such as config.pro?

and, if so, is there a "save all and exit" command?


New member
There is a config option, if this is for 2001 I am not sure.

prompt_on_exit =yes

This should do it, but this does not ask to save all, but rather to save each of the unsaved options. I turned it on, then quickly turned it off again, it got a little bit annoying as it prompts for everything, even sketches.


New member

Use the parameter mentioned before, answer with 'a' on prompt. Before to change the parameter in config check its attributes (if you have a config.pro ReadOnly the changes are not saved).