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rpt index number info


About Pro/Detail of Proe/2001 (Datecode 2002270)

Is it posiible the item number (Table > Enter Text > Report Sym > rpt > Index) of an assembly (the numbers that are shown to the BOM balloons) to be captured in purpose to be used in the individually drawings of the components (parts or subassemblies)?

Suppose, for example, a component in a big assembly has the item number 20, i want this number to be appeared in the drawing of this part or subassembly, so the drawing
If I am understanding you correctly, you want to somehow relate the part drawing to the assembly drawing in reference to its location. I don't think you can do it parametrically. We usually just put a note in the piece-part drawing describing the position. I can't think of anything else. Sorry.


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