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Routed system designer


New member
Hi friends!

Does any one have experience on using pro/engineer routed system designer module? Can you tell me what it is used for? does it really enhance our design skill? can you suggest any document related to this module?

thanks in advance



New member
Routed Systems Designer (RSDesigner) is a multi-purpose diagramming
package that can be used to produce wiring/electrical/P&ID and
block diagrams. The tool itself is very powerful and can produce
diagrams to whatever standards you use. It maintains the connectivity
between objects and diagram object can have all sorts of extra data
applied to them.

The power then comes from the fact that you can export the design data
to Pro/Cabling or Pro/Piping to save you having to type it all in again
- giving you a complete design path.

I have worked with quite a few companies that are using this process
and it makes life so much easier for them because it saves time and is
more accurate.

RSD can also be expanded to have design rule checks set up that you can use to maintain the correctness of the design.

I was one of the original developers of RSDesigner and now provide
consultancy and customisation of RSDesigner. Good places to look for
extra information is www.rsdesigner.net, which is dedicated to
RSDesigner and www.rsdesigner.co.uk.

Martin Kemp


New member
Hi eepgmik!

Is RSDesigner a standalone package or it must run in pro/e evironment?

Also, Thanks for your link.These information's so great.



Active member
RSD is standalone but it integrates with ProE in such a way that you use this for pro/piping and pro/cabling.



New member
Martin, 3 year old post... good to meet you on the forum. I hope you can check in from time to time.I have put in a hundred hours in RSD over the past year...

Whats new for RSD?
Whats going on with RSD that other routed systems tools cant do?
Can I use RSD to do chip design or is that often a different package? (dumb question probably)