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Round off the Dim Values


New member

Anybody can guide me regarding this, let me brief my problem,

In the drawing of a part modelwhich is modelled in the unit

set as inch & the drawing is made as setting mm as primary units & inches in the secondary.As Primary[secondary]

if suppose there is a Dim.



While actually the dims in inches is 5.532-5.606 when the Dual decimal places is changed to 3 ( previously it was 2) now if suppose i again changes it to 2 it gives 5.54-5.60 & the observation is it has rounded off the 5.532 to 5.54 & 5.606 is not changed to 5.61, I wanted to know Why?

Can it be done because I want the dim as



Same thing I also observed while setting up the Geom tolerances.

Thanks In Advance,


Not sure if you are still interested, but I would like to direct you to a thread on the forum that will help you determine the correct number of significant figures to display:

Aeronautic Engineers > Activities > Aeronautic engineering other topics Forum

Thread: Help Plz! Rouding off confusion?

Please note that there was some confusion over this topic, but poster CoryPad is correct.

Sorry I am not addressing the specifics of the issue in Pro/E. I hope you find this information valuable regardless.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew
Pro/E truncates secondary dimensions, rather than rounding them...

This means that conversions sometimes don't appear to come out correctly.

(It's meant to make the primary dimension the main driver, but I know it's a real pain...)

One possibility is to change the primary dimension slightly, for example:

(primary show 1 dp, secondary show 2 dp)

0.500mm >> 0.5mm

0.019685 inch >> 0.01 inch

Workaround - set primary to 0.51mm, show 1 dec pl:

0.510mm >> 0.5mm

0.020078 inch >> 0.02 inch


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