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Round all edge tool


New member
A few weeks ago, there was a free video on the right about a round all edge option. Due to firewall restrictions, I was not able to download that file. Does anyone have any information about how to get this config option shown....very interested in this tool.
you need to manually type in the option allow_round_all and set the value to yes. The new options will appear automatically in the selection menu during round creation.
Thanks alot guys, excellent information. My co-works and I always joked that we needed a tool like that!! It's not very usefull, but it's nice to have it. We've also talked about an apply maximum radius option....anyone ever hear anything about something like that?? Select an edge, and instead of playing around with different values, click on max value and Pro E would put the largest radius possible...boy, that would be nice!

in that round_allow_all option, is there any possibilities to change the radius to one or more edges? (i.e. to change value for some edges)


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