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rotational blend

A rotational blend is created by sections that are rotated about the Y-axis. You enter angular dimensions to control section orientation and can dimension sections from their Sketcher coordinate system to control radial placement. You must add a section coordinate system in Sketcher mode. You cannot use the default coordinate system.

If you define a rotational blend as being closed, Pro/ENGINEER uses the first section as the last section and creates a closed solid feature. There is no need to sketch the last section.

To Create a Rotational Blend

1. When you choose Rotational, other options, and Done from the BLEND OPTS menu, the system displays feature creation dialog box with the required elements Attributes and Section. You can also choose the Tangency element if you want to specify optional tangency. When you have selected all the elements, click Define.

2. Choose from the mutually exclusive pairs of elements in the ATTRIBUTES menu, then choose Done. The choices are as follows:

- Straight


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