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Ropes and wires


New member
Can anyone explain how to model a flexible belt, rope or wire between two pulleys and how to simulate this belt, rope or wire as a realworld entity?
You could possibly add a pipe feature - you would need datum points on the pulleys.

Another option would be a datum curve - either thru points or sketched on. Would the rope work in 1 plane (2D) or 3D?
Thanks for your reply.

The rope/wire should work in 3D and is used like in a belt-drive for a car-engine.

So i also need a way to add material-aspects to the rope/wire and it has to drive the pulleys in dynamic simulation (so no static situation).

Hope you can still help me.
To refrase my earlier question:

Can someone point out how to model and simulate and test a 3D wire or belt that drives a system of (at least two) pulleys/wheels?

I am a student using ProE and ProM student editions and it would be helpfull for my research project.
Can't do that with pro. You could fake it in as a bunch of segements like a chain. Put a datum curve around the pulleys then using Mechanism make slot connections between the segments and the curve. This will work but will be lengthy to set up.If you make small thin segments and pin them at the adjacent edges it will look pretty good.
In reality just make a static belt and move everything else. The Kinematic soultion doesn't depend on the belt anyway. All analysis will be correct, and very few will notice the static belt anyway.


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