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right mouse click purge command


New member
I tried to add a right mouse click purge command to my windows 2000 pro explorer. It didn't work and now I can't remove it either. Can someone tell me how to remove it and how to do it correctly.


New member
The only way that I have found to remove it is through the Windows Registry editor (if you are not familiar with the registry then please for your own sake back it up first).

  1. Click Start > Run > Type: regedt32 > click [enter]
  2. Locate and and click on the sub window HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT to bring it active
  3. navigave and delete the following registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Purge
  4. close the registry editor and restart your computer

The reason that it didn't work can vary a little. Most likly either the path to your loadpoint\bin\purge.bat or your systemRoot\system32\cmd.exe was not correct, you should verify them first before trying again.

Hopefully this information is helpful


New member
This is an interesting way to do it and would work. An advantage to doing it this way is that if it did not work correctly you could simply modify the batch file and correct the problem.

Thanks for the link Jason, is this your web site (or one of your friends)? I am just curious becuase it doesn't have a domain name and seems like a WIP. Very nice selection of books either way.


New member
I've done it in the past with help from this forum. My notes on
it are at home. So, if you can wait until Monday I'll try to dig
them up.

I had success on Windows 2000 & XP machines.