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Right-click menu changed/gone


New member
Right-mouse click on a feature, either on the part itself or in the model tree, normally gives me a menu with Delete, Suppress, Modify, and so on.

Right now, if I right-click on any feature in the model tree from # 1 up to some number, all I get is Info >. If I right-click the same feature on the model, I get Rehighlight, Info >, Next, Previous (grayed out), Show Selection Bin, and Unselect Last.

If I go beyond feature some number, I get the *normal* menu.

What is going on ?? This happened once before and I did something to fix it, but since I'm posting here, obviously I can't remember... :) It does only appear to be happening with one particular model.

I'm using Pro/Engineer 2001, build code 2002220.
I've found the problem... The feature(s) got tagged as read-only, although I'm not sure how or why. I know that I didn't (intentionally) do it.


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