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Revolve cut - using a pre defined axis


New member
Modeling a wedge shape valve.

  1. <LI>Revolve a circular section</LI>
    <LI>Extrude the body</LI>
    <LI>Drafted two surfaces at 4 degree angle (in yellow)</LI>
    <LI>Tried cut revolve using circles but Pro/E used the blue axis instead of the created red axis</LI>

So I wonder, should I created the axis before revolve command. Or create in sketcher. Or is there another better method for making this?

Pic of drawing can be found here - labelled pro E help - Wedge

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New member

i am with one solution for your practical problem,you can successfully do this in pro/e wildfire.

1)createred axis/line first.

2)create feature by revolve command

3)apply draft value to required faces.

4)select edit feature for revolved feature,and in internal sketch tab selectred axis/line.


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New member
You should create the revolve in sketcher.PROE uses the centerline that is created FIRST as the line inwhich therevolved cut or a protrusion revolves around. Your referenced drawing looks to be atype of router bit or cutter. Why not just sketch the entire profile once and revolve the circular cuts all at the same time?

On your valve handle... this looks like something that you'll have to do with multiple protrusions and cuts.


in sketcher u can choose any centerline to revolve from.

simply select the CL u wish to use and right click. -> revolve axis

default is the 1st CL created in sketcher.

in wf.

u dont need to use a CL from sketcher u can create one on the fly in model or just use any axis which is around.

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