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Revision History


New member
Good Afternoon All,

I am new to Inventor and am confused as to the best way to handle revision history for parts. From what I have read, you can do this in three ways. The first is with the iProperties of the model itself, the second is through the design assistant, the third is through the Vault. Currently I do not have Vault installed. Should I get this installed? If so, what are the benefits from it?

Also, is there a way to automate the revision history process from model to drawing? Thanks in advance.

Edited by: ctarmijo
The autodesk Vault offers Version history and not revision history. Everytime a file is checked out, changed, saved and checked back in, the the affected files will be versioned. Autodesk Vault will not automiatically create a revision or simulate a release of the file. It is strictly a version history tool. If you need to mark the file as a specific Revision, use the iProperties. However, the iprops will not be associative. to any version and are not automatic.
Thanks for the information!


I come from a world of Pro/E and are used to a few things that are quite different from Inventor. I am in a project right now that lends to revision history for manufacturing. What I will do is use the iProperties for revision history and ensure the information is correctly documented on the drawing. Thanks again.



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