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New member
For a long time I have been trying to reuse the .rwd files to avoid starting from scratch every time I run a new analysis and want to review the results. But without success...

I did a test, running two identical analyses, Analysis1 and Analysis2 (integrated mode). I created a results definition, with two windows, one showing vonMises stress, and one showing displacement magnitude. I accepted all default values and saved this to a file Analysis1.rwd in the working directiory. Then I copied this to Analysis2.rwd, edited the text file, looked up all references I could find (4) to Analysis1, and changed them to Analysis2. My hope was that I now could open this definition file and see the same results windows for Analysis2. But no, the following 3 error messages appeared:

1. Data from the analysis Analysis2 does not correspond to the result window definition window1. Pleas review the study Analysis2.

2. Similar for window2

3. A file processing error has occured. Cannot completely process fil Analysis2.rwd.

Can anyone help me with this? There seems to be some ID number in the rwd file that changes from analysis to analysis, maybe this is the problem?