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Retrieving an Earlier Version of a Pro/E File


New member
When you use FILE->OPEN from the Pro/E environment what you get in to the session is the latest version of the file. In order to retrieve an earlier version of a file, use this technique.

1.From the OPEN FILE dailog select the file of which you wnated to retrieve an earlier version.

2.Then name of the file appears in the 'Name'text box of the dailog,here after the name of the file enter a period(.)as a delimiter followe by minus symbol(-)and then the number representing the version earlier from the latest version.

Ex: say,logo_rannvision.prt.15 is the latest version; to bring the 12th version (ealier by 3 version) in to the session... type in logo_rannvision.prt.-3 in the text box.