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Retreival of part files, using them again & Intralink...


New member
Hi all,

Could someone shed some light into this problem... I've deleted a rev3 .prt file and instead of dropping back to rev2 (within commonspace) the file has been completely deleted. After retrieval from a backup disc (rev3), I've imported the file into Intralink (workspace) but the file does not open... ie. the Pro/E window opens but cannot retrieve.

This .prt file has associated components (copy geom features) but all necessary files are in the workspace environment such as assemblies, part files etc. I've done a sync to c/space but again no retrieval.

A relationship display shows two assy files and it seems correct and I'm led to believe that this file is recognising something.

How do I get this file up and running? Is there something I'm not doing right? What should I look out for in future and what's the best way to get this .prt file back into an assembly that I need???


Have you tried opening the part in a linked session of Pro/E but retreaving it from the working directory e.g. C:\Proe

This might bypass any problems the model has with Ilink and then you could change something simple and save it back into Ilink making a rev 5.



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