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Retreival of format when opening drawings


New member
I recently installed a newer build of 2001 (2002430) and am having a problem when opening drawings. Pro/E doesn't seem to know what directory to look for the formats in and it opens the drawings up with a generic format and some of the title block information will be missing. I can overcome this by first opening the format so that it is in session and then opening the drawing, but it is annoying to have to do so every time I start ProE and want to open a drawing.

I never had this problem with the older build, it seemed to know where they were located. Is their a config option I need to set?

airion have you check that in pro_format_dir is set where the real format file is at.


Thanks for the tip on the config option. I found another method that works as well. You can copy all the format files and paste them in the folder (depending on where proE is loaded on your machine) C:proE2001\formats.




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