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reset the compas


New member
Could you please let me know how to set compas to defolt position in spase, thus to make it allign with my original views and planes? After some manipulations with it at some point it skewed so now im having hard times because of that!
Copy next rows in a CATScript file and run the CATScript

Sub catmain()

CATIA.StartCommand "Reset Compass"

End Sub

Edited by: ferdo
The easiest method -

1) Select the View Pulldown then select Reset Compass

Another method -

1) Place your cursor over the red dot on the compass, the cursor graphic will change to arrows for up & down, left & right

2) Press & hold the select button then drag & dropthe compass with the cursor to the global axis displayed in the lower right corner of the screen

Yet another method

1) In the power input area (lower right corner of the screen) enter c:reset compass


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